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Shannon Horton Loan Officer
Shannon Horton

Shannon Horton

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Loan Officer

It’s tough to get through the game of life. Most people get exhausted, and often when they finally find the “right” person to work with, they wind up getting burned, and it’s back to square one, leaving you with even less confidence than before.

You want to get back in the groove of working towards your vision, but aren’t quite sure how. It’s as if there was no wind to fill your sails, dead at sea.

Instead, how would it feel to become fully financed and gain access to marketing tools such as videographers, designers and many other resources to give you the edge while advertising your idea?

How would it feel to have someone fluent with the latest technology to market it successfully to multiple generations?

Searching for this technological swiss army knife – someone to help finance and bring your idea to market with unbelievable results – seems far-fetched, until now.

Unlike so many other marketing firms or lenders, Shannon Horton isn’t just driven by a desire for success. A successful millennial with drive, results and a more-than-fair price, Horton’s genuine compassion and ambition to help others achieve their dreams sets him aside from other marketing and lending experts.

Recently, Shannon wanted to take a break from social media to take the time to learn new skills. He believes a chef should always strive to improve their own recipes, so he broadened his network to tighten up his vision and practice what he preaches. The same business and marketing recipes he uses for himself are the ones he uses for his clients, without the Michelin price tag.

Shannon uses his leadership and interpersonal skills to help you take on that new project with confidence. In addition, he brings the support of an entire proven network to bring your dream to reality.

Have a question or want to see proof of results? He will pick up the phone and answer any question you may have at any time.

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Shannon Horton

Loan Officer
NMLS# 2273925
8141 2nd st, 420
Downey, CA 90241
State Licenses: CA

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I want to earn your business for life. You can also count on me to help your family and friends whenever they need a mortgage.

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I know that you want a great rate when you purchase or refinance a home! Our company offers some of the best rates in the industry.


Getting a mortgage requires a lot of communication. Our team will remain in constant contact with you throughout the process.

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I know that time is of the essence whenever you’re buying or refinancing a home. I am committed to a quick and efficient closing.

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